Other Work

Heart Factory Zine

During my final semester at NYU, I completed the first issue of my zine, Heart Factory. I was about to graduate from college and felt very nostalgic. I started revising the music that formed my taste growing up, but I also started wondering how my life could have turned out had I listened to Bikini Kill for the first time when I was 13, not 20. This idea inspired me to make a “zine for former teens.” I interviewed a few local artists I love (THICK, Katie Ellen, Worriers, and others) about music they listened to growing up and music they wish they could have known and loved years ago. I also wrote my own essay about the state of pop punk following the #MeToo movement and the subsequent outing of Brand New’s Jesse Lacey’s sexual assault allegations. I also made a playlist with all of the songs mentioned in the zine by the artists I interviewed. The zine can be read in full over at Issuu. I am hoping to eventually create a second issue! Please contact me if you or anyone you know would like to be included, or if you have any suggestions about how to make the zine better.

Gallatin Senior Symposium - Beyond Cock Rock

As a senior at NYU Gallatin, I had the privilege to give a talk about my concentration, which considered music journalism through the lens of gender and sexuality. This is a huge topic, so I chose to focus on explaining the concept of cock rock and how normalized it has become, even as women become more “prominent” in the rock music industry (Spoiler alert: They’ve always been prominent, to some extent). This is probably the topic closest to my heart and I was genuinely honored to speak about it in an academic context. Of course, ten minutes was not nearly enough time to explain all of the history that has formed our concept of rock music today, but I was so excited to be given so much space to start the conversation with. My talk is linked here and exists on YouTube, but please visit the Senior Symposium 2018 page to see the rest of the excellent talks given that night.

Artist Bios & Other Press Materials

I am available to write long and short bios, press releases, promo interviews, liner notes, and any other press materials you may need for an artist or event. I have written the artist bio for Baby Robot Media’s Los Angeles-based artist EE Beyond. I have written multiple press releases for PopGun Presents and Elsewhere events, which I can send samples of upon request, and I have written for PopGun’s blog in advance of some shows.

Please email me (nataliabbarr@gmail.com) for rates and to discuss options.